A Landscape Sideways

Consists of two lyrical Super 8 improvisations by media artists Irene Proebsting and Barry Brown. Luna Berlin (2013) documents the spaces between an uneasy reunion, featuring a sound score for 18 electric guitars; and Mayana (1995-96), a journey to Booligal set to minimalist electronics.

The works are discreet contemplations upon the everyday, composed of aleatoric memories and nomadic daydreams, themes of dislocation and terrain are conveyed or concealed by abstract sonic atmospheres and realist facsimiles that allude to the psychologies of the action and to possible narratives. Evocative and suspended post verity dramaturgies exploring documentary illusion, authenticity and figurative fiction.

Screens on monitors with ambi-phonal audio.

Dates: May 3rd–20th and June 7th–29th.

Open: Wed–Sat 7-10pm.



Barry Brown and Irene Proebsting have been collaborating on analogue and digital media projects incorporating magnetic tape composition, photo-media, super 8 film, text and video since 1992.

Their cinema and installation pieces deploy varied compositional strategies (such as appropriation & indeterminacy), hybrid idioms (ranging from abstract polemics to sci-fi pop noir) and also reconfigure early audio mixing techniques (in particular experiments at the transition from mono to stereo).  Recurring thematic concerns include post-industrial alienation, technological obsolescence, privatization, the everyday, identity and the unconscious.Their films and soundtracks have screened in avant-garde events nationally and internationally.