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June 17, 2015-June 27, 2015

Ten artists took over every nook and cranny of the historic Mechanics Institute, Brunswick in this contemporary look at the Ten Commandments. Lying, cheating, swearing; take yourself through this bold and sinister experience.

AAseel Tayah is a vocalist and installation artist. She considers herself a non-traditional Arab Muslim girl, her art focuses on womens rights, society & national identity.

Reverse Butcher Under various names and in a variety of disguises, ReVerse Butcher has been performing, experimenting with and publishing her poetry for 13 years.

Dagmara Gieysztor has been a multidisciplinary artists for over 20 years , working in different mediums from film and  theatre making to puppetry, photography and  installation.

Shane Grant is an accomplished lighting designer having worked extensively with companies like Ranters Theatre, The Torch Project, NYID and many others. He is a lead artist at Metanoia.

Robert Jordan has worked as a composer, sound designer, video designer, AV technician and experimental electronics developer since 2008.

Brienna Macnish creates contemporary performance works characterised by striking visual aesthetics, social relevance and site-specificity, most recently she presented HOME, a site-specific documentary work  at Next Wave Festival 2014, nominated for a Green Room Award.

Zoe Meagher is a Melbourne-based artist whose style of performance and audio reflects her love of retro-kitsch pop culture and technology. Past projects an audio tour of an abandoned space museum (Astrojet, 2014).

Vissolela Ndenzako is a screenwriter, poet, playwright and aspiring film maker based in Melbourne. She is a community activist of Angolan descent and a  former Food Scientist.

Kylie Supski  Kylie performed at Queering the Body in Theatre Works, “Gl ry Project” During AIDS Conference 2014, 10 poetry features, and was the winner of Hares&Hyenas Word Slam Final 2014.

Greg Ulfan has worked as an actor and a director with Australian theatre companies and is a lead artist at Metanoia.

Chi Vu is a writer and performance maker. Her plays include the critically acclaimed ‘A Story of Soil’ and ‘Vietnam: a Psychic Guide.

Elnaz Sheshgelani is a puppeteer/dancer, with a BA in Fine Arts from Tehran University.