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4.48 Psychosis

June 29, 2016-July 2, 2016

Written by Sarah Kane

Bare Naked Theatre

Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis offers some insight into a region of the mind that few of us ever visit but from which some of us cannot escape. Composed of twenty-four sections which have no specified setting, stage directions or characters, the language of 4.48 Psychosis varies between the naturalistic and the highly abstract or poetic. In this extraordinary final work, Sarah Kane offers her soul to the audience as she  d i s i n t e g r a t e s  before their eyes, casting her light on the darkness of mental illness.

Do with it what you will, just remember – writing it killed me!”

-Sarah Kane, in a final note to her agent regarding 4.48 Psychosis

Director | Kendall-Jane Rundle

Cast | Alisha Eddy, Kendall-Jane Rundle, Jessica Stevens & Jeff Wortman

Wed – Sat |  8:00pm

$30 | Conc $25